About us

Kortspecialisten.dk / X-Paper ApS has collaborated with the Cancer Society for over 20 years and supported through the sale of Christmas cards to the business world.

We still do this - but now we can proudly say that we are expanding the collaboration with a completely new setup for both private individuals and companies.

We are expanding our webshop with a number of new products such as: poster cards - posters - boxes and occasion cards for individuals based on a children's universe.

Likewise, the product portfolio for companies is expanded accordingly with new products aimed at companies.

Our ambitions are certainly not small - together we want to work within a few years to become Denmark's leading webshop within card and poster products -

All with the starting point of supporting

We support with 20% of the revenue from our web sales of all cards and posters - but we will also be doing events and activities in collaboration with the fight against cancer - where all revenue goes to

It would very much like to turn into a lot of money for the fight against cancer over the coming years.

We are therefore very proud to be able to welcome you to our new webshop.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@kortspecialisten.dk, we are ready to help you.

Remember to also write to us with wishes and ideas for products, posters and motifs that you think we should make in the future.

We hope for your support ❤️